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About TradeLink DIRECTORY

Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) flagship publication, TRADELINK is a major guide to the gamut of products and services originating from Singapore-based producers. It serves as an easy and readily available reference for local and particularly foreign businessmen and traders sourcing for their requirements from Singapore.


TRADELINK provides pertinent information on the range of products and services offered by Singapore’s manufacturing, trade, services and manufacturing-related sectors. The directory features two broad categories: Products Section and Services Section for quick and easy referencing.


In addition, the directory contains corporate/company profiles and contact details of key company personnel which will substantially facilitate the search process for potential buyers or traders based either domestically or overseas. Information on main business activities, product specification and certification, and product type and line aim to expedite the decision-making process for business people.


We hope this 2018 edition will value-add to your company. Read more to find out how you may utilise this directory to its full use.

Company Spotlight

Start your search by browsing the pages of the Featured Companies listed below. Each of these companies has a commitment to organisational excellence and quality: